Growth will slow, incomes will be squeezed and investment delayed, Hatton Garden & it's all down to BREXIT

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Quite a few different pieces all about Brexit. The cause and effect, back-up plans and pretty much an uncertain 12 months ahead. Brexit could have an impact on the City as early as March. Uncertainty will shape the UK economy in 2017. Announcements expected soon on whether to implement contingency plans for access to remaining EU states. And a think tank claims the vote to leave the EU is likely to damage the UK’s growth and living standards until 2030, the aftermath of Brexit. Oh and Lord King, thinks it’s actually a good thing that we are getting out whilst we can. Perhaps he is an optimist or a visionary?

Brexit is the ‘firing gun on a decade of disruption’, report finds.

Economists gloomy on UK prospects for 2017. Financial Times (Subscription required)

Lord King says Brexit brings ‘real opportunities’. BBC News

Brexit: banks consider whether to start moving business out of UK. The Guardian

Hatton Garden: London’s famous diamond quarter under threat from Brexit, soaring rates and rent hikes. The Independent

Not Brexit, but Bremain & other ‘outrageous predictions’ from Saxo Bank. RT News

Why Brexit Is Work in Progress Six Months Later: QuickTake Q&A. Bloomberg

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