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WTX News is the first truly independent English-language newspaper and Website. Providing All the news and comment in English. WTX News was established in 2015, covering the latest news daily.

A weekly print edition of News Briefing was printed and published from March 2020 up until Feb. 2021.

At the moment, WTX News is an online-only publication. Readers are global avid news readers who prefer to read ‘all the news’ not just the propaganda, ex-pats, global female leaders, diplomats, international businesses, tourists, and other groups and individuals interested in News from all around the world.

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All the news

‘All the news’ is a coveted term in journalism, but one that is very rarely practiced. What it means is to read the news from every perspective.

Despite the efforts of some news organisations, it is impossible for them to remove the inherit bias from a news story, we as an editorial team can also fall into that trap.

So in order to maintain our transparency we provide additional links and resources, that give alternative perceptions and views, so you are not bound by our prejudices.

We go one step further and make sure the articles are summarised so you can have a quick look to ensure you are informed. Without having to read it all again.

That’s one of the features of our Global News Briefing service. Order your copy today.

WTX News Timeline

2018 – Launched social media news – for perfectly curated news on social media for effortless browsing.

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2015 – Launched its first online edition with a special service labeled The Week So Far by Yvonne Ridley.

2013 – The idea and concept were launched on the premise of a business intelligence service, to provide information as a review for businesses looking to go into partnerships with others.