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Makeup tutorial Get the Kylie Jenner rainbow Eye Shadow look

‘EASY TO WEAR RAINBOW’ Eyeshadow MAKEUP Tutorial for Beginners – Inspired by Kylie Jenner

Right guys this week is about ‘Easy to Wear Rainbow’  eyeshadow look inspired by Kylie Jenner. It’s a 2020 makeup tutorial so the ladies can wear it to this year’s lockdown Christmas parties.

Another special, this time from Sorina Cranganu Manole, the Makeup artist to many in Liverpool as she gives a lesson on how to recreate the “easy to wear rainbow”, inspired by the queen of lip filler, Kylie Jenner.

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Makeup Tutorial for Beginners - Get the Kyle Jenner Rainbow Eye Shadow

Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

We have taken the time to breakdown each step so you can follow it with styling tips form a pro. It’s simple enough for any beginner to try. But like anything with new makeup and facial products; please try a patch test first and make sure you aren’t using anything that will harm your skin or give you n allergic reaction.

Our MUA Sorina did this makeup tutorial to breakdown the steps and since the day she recorded it, we have not stopped thinking about it since. To make the look more wearable for every day, we used two colours that Kylie loves wearing on her eyes.  We kept the pigment concentrated on the inner and outer corner of our model’s eye, and it worked!

Easy to wear rainbow makeup look was among the biggest 2020 makeup trends and it did not disappoint us. With a pandemic going on and masks being number one essential tool in our makeup routine, we focus on the eyes! Whether you want to add a pop of colour or two, these pastel shades will give you a statement appearance you were looking for.

Remember when lip fillers and overlining your lips were number one priority? Well, March 2020 changed the dynamics.  “We’ll see army greens, khaki, and brown eye shades that are really beautifully blended and shimmering lately, pushed further into fall,” says makeup artist Kacey Spickard. With masks covering the bottom part of our face, we saw eye shades of pinks, turquoise and yellow pushed into the fall/winter season too. They are the new “plumps”.

Make up Tutorial for Beginners -'Easy to Wear Rainbow'

Our guides are simple, but if you need any more instructions, just drop a question in the comments below and our resident MUA will drop you a reply.

Makeup Tutorial
Follow the Step by Step guide - By Sorina Cranganu Manole

natural soft glam makeup

Prepare your face

Step 1: Clean and freshen the skin by using a face cleanser or face wash.

Step 2: Use a base to create the perfect blank canvas ready for ultimate pastel eyeshadow colour.

Prepare your eye

Step 3: Get your favourite eyeshadow palette and use pastel pink colour in the middle of your eyelid.

Step 4: Then use a turquoise pastel eyeshadow for the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

Step 5: Get the pink eyeshadow again and create the ombre effect.

Step 6: Get the turquoise eyeshadow to finish off the corners.

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Eye liner makeup tutorial

Finish off the eye

Step 7: Use black liquid eyeliner to create a thin line towards the eyeshadow end.

Step 8: Get those lashes pumping with loads of mascara.

Step 9: We all have dark circles. They are normal. In case you want to cover up your late-night sleep though, conceal like there is no tomorrow.

Step 10: Use a slightly lighter-neutral eyeshadow for the under the eye.

Step 11:  The concealer needs its baking, right? So, do it! Nothing to lose.

Prepare your foundation

Step 12: Shape and fill in the eyebrows.

Step 13: Apply your foundation.

Step 14: Powder the nose a little bit.


Step 15: Finally, use your favourite lip liner and lipstick.


The makeup of the Future

Makeup tutorial video for advanced MUA – Watch the video with full instructions

Play Video

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