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Insta Talk e10: Luxury handbags – Benefits of turmeric – Emily In Paris & Sexy winter eye shadow!

Insta Talk episode 10 - Luxury handbags - Benefits of Turmeric & Emily in Paris

Insta Talk Episode 10

On this episode of Insta Talk, we find out the health benefits of adding a little turmeric to your diet. 

We look at how luxury handbags can still be sustainable and the importance of slow fashion. 

Find out how to recreate three of the best looks from Netflix’s hit show Emily In Paris. 

And a celebrity makeup artist walks you through eye shadow pallets for the winter season, what to wear, how and when! 

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Celebrity Makeup artist

Celebrity makeup artist and founder of Makeup4TV Joanne Morgan joins us to discuss winter eye shadow looks! What’s in this season, how to wear and when!

Joanne Morgan
Chef Daniella

Chef Dianella

Health Coach and plant-based activist Chef Daniella is here to discuss the health benefits of adding a little turmeric to you diet!

Ranazone fashionista

Our fabulous fashionista Rana is live from Dubai showing you how to recreate three looks from Netflix’s hit show Emily In Paris.  

Dania Shinkar

Dania Shinkar

Luxury designer and champion of sustainable fashion Dania Shinkar is here to talk eco-friendly luxury bags and the importance of slow fashion.

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Dyna Fayz


Yvonne Ridley

Journalist & Author

Daniella Malfitano

Chef & plant-based activist

Rana zone

Fashion expert

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