Twitter security breach, personal information including credit card details at risk

Twitter security breach, personal information including credit cards details revealed 

Twitter security breach

Twitter users received an email from the networking giant this morning stating information about a data security incident that may have involved their personal information on and

The email says: “We became aware of an issue that meant that prior to May 20, 2020, if you viewed your billing information on or the billing information may have been stored in the browser’s cache. 

“Examples of that information include email addresses, phone number, last four digits of your credit card number (not complete numbers, expiration dates or security codes), and billing address.

“If you used a shared computer, it is possible that if someone used the computer after you they could have seen the information stored in the browser’s cache (most browsers generally store data in their cache by default for a short period of time like 30 days).”

‘Clear the browser cache’

The email states that from May 20, 2020, they updated the instructions that Twitter sends to your browser’s cache to stop this from happening again. 

“While we have no evidence that your billing information was compromised, we want to make sure you’re aware of the issue and how to protect yourself going forward. If you currently use a shared computer to access your Twitter Ads or Analytics billing information, we recommend clearing the browser cache when you log out.” 



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