Van Gogh painting stolen from museum

van gogh painting stolen

A Van Gogh painting has been stolen from a Dutch museum

Police said on Monday there had been a break-in at the Singer Laren Museum at 03:18 local time. 

Van Gogh’s Spring Garden painting which was on loan from the Groninger Museum was stolen, the museum has announced. 

The Singer Laren Museum is currently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The museum’s director Jan Rudolph de Lorm told reporters he was “incredibly pissed off” over the theft. 

It was the only painting stolen and it is unknown what the value of the painting is. 


Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter who is among the most famous and influential figures in the history of art.
Some of Van Gogh famous quotes: "For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." "If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere."
His artwork is worth millions and often sells at auctions in the millions of dollars. Some of his most famous paintings are collector's items and aren't for sale. But recently, a Van Gogh painting sold for $111 million at auction in NEW YORK.
Van Gogh was known to have lived the majority of his life in solitude. He was known to transmute vibrant colours, a unique style. But it was the amount of detailing of his everyday observations that stands him apart on the canvas. Others will comment and say his brushstrokes were unique and his colour palette added to his unique style.


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