Five killed in India as violent clashes erupt ahead of Trump’s arrival to India

Five killed in India clash ahead of Trump arrival

An Indian police officer was among at least five people killed in New Delhi on Monday ahead of Trump’s arrival to India. During violent clashes on the streets of New Delhi protesters took to the streets over the contentious citizenship law, hours before US President Donald Trump arrived in the Indian capital for an official visit.

The Indian citizens took to the streets of New Delhi hours before US President Donald Trump arrived in the Indian capital.

Trump Landed and during his visit to Gujrat said “America loves India, and America respects India” but despite that, the violence continued in parts of India. With clashes between police and protesters.

Protesters torched at least two houses and shops before later setting a market on fire with burning tyres. Local TV channels showed plumes of black smoke billowing from burning buildings.
One video posted on social media showed crowds of men shouting “Jai Shree Ram” or “Hail Lord Ram,” a revered Hindu deity, as they went on a rampage.

In India protests have broken out across India since the citizenship law came into force in December, leaving at least 30 people killed in clashes with police. Critics say the law discriminates against Muslims.

The new law has raised worries abroad — including in Washington — that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to remould secular India into a Hindu nation while marginalizing the country’s 200 million Muslims, a claim he denies.

A senior US official told reporters that President Donald Trump would raise concerns about religious freedom in the Hindu-majority nation during the trip, calling them “extremely important to this administration”.

The latest unrest erupted between several hundred supporters and opponents of the law in a Muslim-dominated area of northeast Delhi on Sunday and continued Monday.


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