Two dead, 22 rescued from migrant boat off Sicily

Two confirmed deaths Migrant as the migrant ship capsizes, near the coast of Italy, as rescue efforts save 22 lives out of 50

The coast guard said rescue vessels had picked up 22 people from the boat

The latest news coming in from our Italian correspondent has confirmed that at least two people have been confirmed dead when a boat carrying dozens of migrants sank off the coast of the island of Lampedusa, south of Sicily off the Italian coast.

The coast guard confirmed that search and rescue vessels had picked up 22 people from the boat on Monday morning and that search operation for other survivors was underway after an alert was received late on Sunday night that a boat carrying some 50 people was in difficulty.

Conditions in the Mediterranean were said to be rough and the vessel capsized after many of its passengers rushed to one side.

Vessels from the coast guard and customs police had reached the boat, which overturned in rough seas about six nautical miles from the coast of Lampedusa, the coast guard said in a statement that two bodies had been recovered but it expects the death toll to rise beyond 10.



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