"The biggest humanitarian tragedy" as 15,000 have been lifted out of Kashmir

"The biggest humanitarian tragedy" as 15,000 have been lifted out of Kashmir

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his fears of widespread bloodshed in India-occupied Kashmir (IOK), calling on the international community to pressure the Indian premier to allow international observers into the valley.

The premier voiced these fears during separate meetings he held with the editorial board of US daily Wall Street Journal and the Human Rights Watch executive director in New York.

“If the UN doesn’t speak about it, who is going to speak about it?” PM Imran Khan said.

Occupied Kashmir has been under lockdown since August 5, after New Delhi decided to revoke the special status of the valley. In the past two months, Indian forces have rounded up at least 2,000 Kashmiris, including elected representatives.

Speaking to HRW Executive Director Kenneth Roth, the Pakistan premier said the “biggest humanitarian tragedy” of the history is feared to take place in the occupied Himalayan territory.

“There is a fear of bloodshed in the valley after the lifting of the curfew,” PM Khan told Roth, urging international organisations to pressure Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to allow observers into the valley.

“Modi’s arrogance has jeopardized the regional peace,” he said, during his meeting with WSJ editorial board. “The media can play an important role in exposing the real face of the Indian premier.”

He additionally explained that nearly 15,000 youngsters have been taken into custody by the Indian forces during the past two months.

The meetings took place on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session before Imran Khan is due to address the session on Friday.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said he would appeal to the United Nations for help as India’s military clampdown in occupied Kashmir enters its seventh week.



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