Bojo in the lead … as long as he remains gagged!

Boris Johnson the former foreign Secretary is speculated to be planning a coup of the Tory party

And they’re off! Yes, the runners and riders to officially enter the Conservative Party leadership race have been announced so expect to be bombarded by political piffle for the next few days.

Bizarrely while most candidates were out of the traps like rats up a drainpipe, the Tory front-runner appeared to be actively restrained.

What appears to be a group effort by Boris Johnson’s team, it seems the policy of less is more applies for the time being .. the braggadocios blond has been gagged by his own camp!

Apparently, his supporters fear if they let him on to the field too soon he might put his foot in his mouth and wreck his initial lead.

Imagine that! A man who would become the next British leader is considered so much of a liability his team are terrified he’s screwed up his initial advantage.

Like it or not, the former foreign secretary’s appeal is his celebrity factor! But will the stardust impress Tory members who will get to make the final choice on who should lead their party?

Bojo has yet to a do a major TV interview and he’s certainly not been let loose on launching his campaign publicly yet, despite this, he appears to have huge support and backing from a variety of MPs representing everything from soft to hardline Brexit.

The runners will be whittled down on Thursday in the first ballot and then there’ll be more ballots to follow until only two candidates are left standing. The postal ballot of party members begins on June 22 but we’ll have to wait until the week of July 22 when the new leader will be announced.

So the new occupant to Number 10 will not be decided by the nation in a General Election as many of us feel it should be. Sadly it will be down to around 160,000 Tories, the average age being around 57 years! Democracy is, indeed, a strange beast.


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