Tories and Labour punished over Brexitshambles

Tories and Labour punished over Brexitshambles

It seems the great British public has finally woken up to the fact that when it comes to politics there’s not that much to differentiate between the Tories and Labour.

Earlier this week polls took place for 248 English councils, six mayors and all 11 councils in Northern Ireland and as a result of both Labour and the Conservatives, as well as the chaotic UKIP, took a pounding over the Brexit shambles which has left the country divided.

We might be witnessing an end to two-party politics in Britain because smaller parties like the Greens – up 194 council seats – and the Lib Dems plus 612 independents have fared quite well, even overturning control of some councils.

While the results continue to come we do know the Tories have lost 1334 seats and control of 93 English councils, while the Liberal Democrats have gained 703 seats. Labour has lost 82 seats and UKIP is down at least 145 councillors compared to 2015.

I’m not sure if former Brexiteers have woken up to the madness, originally unleashed by former Prime Minister David Cameron when he promised the nation a referendum on the EU to stave off UKIP votes in the General Election, by rebelling and switching support. They’ve either given up on the idea of voting or voted against the Tories for the Brexitshambles.

Meanwhile, Remainers appear to have headed to the polls in large numbers to give the Lib Dems support after they promised another referendum.

And Labour supporters are divided over the issue, running round in circles while their leader Jeremy Corbyn has been unmasked as a hard Brexiteer.

I reckon there’ll be more political pain in store for both him and PM Theresa May since Corbyn now appears to be gearing up to enable May’s Brexit plans.

My old mate Jeremy says a Brexit “deal has to be done;” this is regardless of job losses, the damage to the UK economy or the consequences for the Irish border – and don’t even get me started on Scotland and the latest Westminster betrayals.

By bailing out the UK government those both in and outside of Labour holding pro-European values can now see clearly that a vote for Labour at the next General Election means facilitating Brexit and May.

And she has made it clear that she will resign as Prime Minister which will then pave the way for hard Brexiteers like Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Michael Gove and Dominic Raab to fight for the leadership and the keys to Downing Street.

Of course, the first thing the victor will then do is rip up any deal and go for a full throttle on a Tory Brexit.


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