Brexit will push Scotland towards the EU

Brexit will cause the Union to crumble with Scotland heading to a fanfare and welcome in the European Union, predicts Yvonne Ridley

Since Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced the very real prospect of another Scottish independence referendum there have been acres of drivel and bile pouring forth from the London-based media.

The whole point of independence she said would allow Scotland  “to protect our place in Europe.” Bearing in mind every single constituency in Scotland voted to remain in Europe, it is logical to frame the idea of another independence referendum since there has been the material change needed following the Brexit shambles.

However, the very notion of #indyref2 seems to have some folk really hot and bothered, in particular, the scribes at The Daily Telegraph who pooh-pooh the notion that the European Union would welcome Scotland with open arms.

They’re totally wrong and seriously out of touch. Scotland would be welcomed into the EU with as much fanfare from the very same Europeans who are fed up to the back teeth of the UK arrogance and ignorance shown to them during the farcical Brexit negotiations.

Having recently returned from Italy and Switzerland, I can confidently say Britain is the butt of many European jokes; we are a laughing stock. Little Britain has become delusional, an absurdity which still believes it has an Empire.

Trust me, Scotland would be welcomed into the EU with open arms if for no other reason than to stick two fingers up at Little Britain and its madcap Brexiteers.

The latest poll by YouGov for The Times and the first undertaken since Sturgeon’s referendum announcement on Wednesday reveals 49 per cent of Scots intend to vote for independence.

So here’s my prediction. Since Scotland intends to hold another ballot on the constitution before the Holyrood elections in 2021, I think those of us living in Scotland will be voting no later than September next year and it is a vote we will win convincingly this time around.



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