Parents need to put the skids on their moped kids

Parents need to put the skids on their moped kids

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It’s not often I come to the defence of the Metropolitan Police, a force which has been dogged by accusations of institutionalised racism, Islamophobia, bigotry and corruption for decades.

However, I do have a degree of sympathy for five cops said to be facing criminal charges which could cost them their jobs for ramming kids off mopeds.

It is part of the Met’s new tactics in dealing with thieving toe rags who pounce on robbery victims before using their scooters or mopeds to make a quick getaway.

A very good friend of mine was mugged as he went to withdraw cash from a machine in East London and after being whacked the robber jumped on a scooter and was gone.


One of the highlighted Met cases involves two officers who rammed a moped in west London, last year causing its 14-year-old rider to break a leg. My first reaction is: “What the hell is a school kid doing riding a moped on the streets of London anyway? Where are his parents?”

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) is investigating the cases to decide if the Met cops should be referred to the Crown Prosecution and face criminal charges.

Sorry, but once again parents should start taking responsibility for the criminal actions of their children! They are not victims but perpetrators. Let’s not have the tail wagging the dog on this, please!

Parents need to put the brakes on their out-of-control kids.



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