Hot air from Tony Blair

Tony Blair blames the rise of the Far Right on migrant communities’ lack of integration

There’s nothing like victim blaming when it comes to the rise of the Far Right and no one does it better than the odious, self-serving former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

According to him, migrant communities must do more to integrate as part of Britain’s attempt to combat the rise of the Far Right.

That’s a bit rich coming from the widow maker – more than a million were created in his illegal war in Iraq with former US President George W Bush.

He makes his views known in a report released by his Institute for Global Change, probably one of the many ventures he has which attracts funding from some of the most tyrannical despots in the world today.

He is calling for a compulsory citizenship programme for teenagers and toughening enforcement against the perpetrators of hate speech.

How about creating a citizenship programme for teenagers giving them the right to arrest suspected war criminals and put them before the International Criminal Court?

And if he can’t be carted off to The Hague, can we at least find a small desert island where we can send him so we don’t have to listen to his nauseating, whingeing voice anymore?


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