Theresa May's days numbered after losing yet another Brexit vote

Theresa May's days numbered after losing yet another Brexit vote

After losing her third vote on her Brexit deal on Friday the Prime Minister Theresa May´s leadership is hanging by a thread.

In any other scenario or situation, it would be over. However, no leader or potential leader wants the job. The vultures are circling around the skies of Downing Street, but can any of the summon up the courage to make a challenge.

This divorce deal is arguably the most complex of negotiations that the government has ever faced. However, despite the complexities, not being able to make a tangible deal, that Brussels will accept, is a failure on this government.

Refusing to accept MPs´ trenchant opposition to her divorce deal and delaying Brexit to keep trying, has prompted frustration and anger on all sides.

There’s a challenge there too, not just from within her own party but from the Labour party as well, who are saying to say “no” to long delays to our departure from the EU, but with a deal.

The Labour leader struggles to summon support in the chamber, because of his socialist persona,  but a labour leader with a more centrist approach would have toppled the government.

Number 10 believes anything even approaching a timely exit cannot be guaranteed without her deal. Such is the desperation, that MP’s are choosing between a no deal exit on the 12th, an unthinkable scenario 2 years ago, or delaying the Brexit process for longer without any kind of direction. Jeremy Corbyn has described the latter as ‘the blindest of blind Brexit’.

The Conservative leader has in the past won praise for her determination and ability to survive what has often felt like a political crisis, ever since the referendum vote to leave the European Union.

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Despite having campaigned to stay in the EU, she embraced the cause with the mantra “Brexit means Brexit”.

She has been willing to make all the sacrifices in a desperate move on Wednesday, she said she would step down if MPs approved her deal in a bid to appease the Brexiteer wing of her party.

But determination alone does not win the support of a bitterly divided chamber.

Some MP’s have suggested that this scenario was inevitable from the days she made a coalition with the DUP to get over the line.

Now that MPs have voted against the deal, for the third time, few believe her leadership can survive and various potential contenders have begun jockeying for position.



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