Sadiq Khan and 1 million March in London -#Putittothepeople

Sadiq Khan and 1 million March in London -#Putittothepeople

Reports suggest that a massive one million people marched the streets of central London, opposing Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The aim was to demand a new referendum as the deepening Brexit crisis risked sinking Prime Minister Theresa May’s premiership.

After three years of debate, it is still uncertain how, when or even if Brexit will happen as the Prime Minister tries to plot a way out of the gravest political crisis in at least a generation, the hashtag #Brexitmayhem and #Brexitchaos have been trending on twitter for over a month.

Marchers set off in central London with banners proclaiming “the best deal is no Brexit” and “we demand a People’s Vote” in what organisers said was more than one million people strong and the biggest anti-Brexit protest yet.

Politicians are divided over Brexit, most agree it is the most important strategic decision the United Kingdom has faced since World War Two.

Thousands of pro-EU protesters gathered for the “Put it to the people march” at Marble Arch on the edge of Hyde Park around midday, before marching through the landmarks Picadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square as well as passing past Downing Street to finish outside parliament.

Evens dogs took part in the vote and we dont mean Nigel Farage
Even dogs took part in the vote and we don’t mean Nigel Farage

Organisers estimated that more than one million people turned out for the march, exceeding a similar rally held in October when supporters said about 700,000 people turned up.

Neither the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, nor shadow chancellor John McDonnell attended the rally.

However, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan from the opposition Labour party said he was marching “with people from every corner of our country, to demand that the British people get the final say.”

The estimated figure of one million people would make this protest London’s second-biggest demonstration, second only to the rally against the Iraq War in February 2003, which organisers said close to 2 million people attended.

An online petition to ‘cancel Brexit’ gained 4.5 million signatures in few days after May told the public “I am on your side” over Brexit and urged lawmakers to get behind her deal.

The EU has agreed to a temporary extension to article 50, however, EU leaders have only granted that on the basis that Theresa May can get a consensus on the course of action to take, and ruling out further negotiations until then.

French president Macron has gone as far as suggesting that Britain will leave the EU with a ‘No Deal Brexit’.

Supporters of Brexit made many claims during the campaign, most of which were exaggerated and PR spun.

However, they suggest the divorce might bring some short-term instability, but in the long term, Britain will thrive if cut free from what they cast as a doomed experiment in German-dominated unity that is falling far behind other major powers.



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