Sadiq Khan has been named in Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto as one of the main targets on his kill list. In his manifesto, he sites his trips into Europe and Darren Osborne, the Finsbury Mosque attacker as inspiration.

He describes Mr Khan as a “Pakistani Muslim invader [who] now sits as a representative for the people of London”. Tarrant writes: “Londinium, the very heart of the British Isles. What better sign of the white rebirth than the removal of this invader?”

The Australian terrorist specifically tells his supporters to kill Mr Khan, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and President Erdogan of Turkey.

Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old white Australian, gave the command in a 74-page document that lays out his justification for the attack and demands that far-right extremists murder “enemies of our race that freely walk through our societies”.

This is not the first time Sadiq Khan has been taunted for his religion and ethnicity. Last year a Tory MP Michael Fabricant posted a cartoon showing the Mayor of London’s head on an inflatable balloon, engaged in a sex act with a pig.

The balloon in the cartoon he posted references the giant blimp being flown over London in protest of Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.

Sadiq Khan was also heckled with vile abuse and called a “jihadist” by far-right activists at a speech. During a debate, in London last summer, supporters of Tommy Robinson caused chaos, shouting “Free Tommy!” at the Mayor and telling him he wasn’t welcome in London.

Yesterday, two Attacks on two Christchurch mosques, with one gunman, identified as an Australian Terrorist Brenton Tarrant, live streamed an assault that triggered the lockdown of the New Zealand city.

A heavily armed gunman started shooting people at the Al Noor Mosque in Deans Avenue, Riccarton, at around 13:40. The gunman live-streamed 17 minutes of the attack on Facebook Live, starting with the drive to the mosque and ending with the drive away.

In what appeared to be the worst attack against Muslims in a western country, witnesses spoke of victims being shot at close range, with women and children among those killed.

At least 49 people are believed to have been killed, with a further 48 injured in the attack, in hospital suffering from gunshot wounds.

This morning he was taken to court and charged with one count of murder, more are expected. He sat silently and smirked whilst the hearing took place and gestured a white supremacist sign to onlookers and towards the media.

He showed no remorse for his actions and police reported that had he not been arrested, 37 minutes later, his killing-spree to other Muslim locations in New Zealand.

An imam at the Linwood mosque, where the second attack took place on Friday, said that despite the shootings, Muslims still felt at home in New Zealand.

“My children live here, we are happy,” Ibrahim Abdul Halim said, adding: “We still love this country.”

He said that the majority of New Zealanders “are very keen to support all of us, to give us full solidarity.

Much of the world has also praised New Zealand Prime Minister for her heartfelt support for the families and the Muslim community in New Zealand.


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