Moroccan Model; a witness against Berlusconi’s ‘Bunga Bunga’ parties dies of poisoning

Moroccan model Imane Fidel, witness to Berlusconi's 'Bunga Bunga' parties dies of poisoning

Moroccan-born Imane Fidal was a key witness in a trial in which the former prime minister Berlusconi dies of poisoning

A Moroccan model who was a key prosecution witness in the ‘Ruby’ underage prostitute trials involving ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi has died after allegedly being poisoned.

Moroccan-born Imane Fidal was a key witness in a trial in which the former Italian prime minister is accused of bribing actresses, models and escorts to lie in court about the alleged sex parties.

Ms Fidal, 34, died two weeks ago in a hospital in Milan from chronic organ failure but the story only emerged on Friday.

A murder probe has been opened, and the police said. They said she had died after a “month of agony”.

She was awake until the very end despite progressive organ failure. Imane Fadil, 34, died March 1st at the Humanitas Clinic at Rozzano near Milan where she had been admitted at the end of January.

Her brother told her relatives and lawyer that she was afraid she was going to be targeted and poisoned by Berlusconi’s thugs, it seems now her fears are true.

Mr Berlusconi, who still plays an active part in Italian politics and remains head of the centre-Right Forza Italia party, was accused of paying for sex with an underage escort girl who called herself “Ruby the Heart Stealer”.

He was initially convicted of the charge and sentenced to seven years in prison, but then acquitted on appeal, after judges accepted his argument that he did not know the young woman was under the age of 18.

The Morrocan model was one of three young women who claimed that Mr Berlusconi’s “bunga bunga” gatherings, held at his villa outside Milan, were sordid sex parties.


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