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Kim And Trump- Getting ready to meet again

Donald Trump and Kim meet again

US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un are meeting for the second time, in Vietnam.

US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un are meeting for the second time, in Hanoi, Vietnam.

They’re following up on their historic meeting last year in Singapore, which delivered a vague but optimistic agreement.

As North Korea and the US continue their bilateral negotiations, here’s an overview of a saga that has at times threatened nuclear war.

President Trump obviously has quite a lot going on at home right now. But the focus of discussion is whether North Korea will ever agree to give up its nuclear weapons.

They will also discuss bringing a formal end to the ‘Korean war’ and reducing sanctions on North Korea.

“Donald Trump is said to be in no rush. Just as well. This will take as much careful navigating as getting through Hanoi’s rush-hour traffic.”

The Metropole Hotel was once used to house foreign guests during the Vietnam war and now it’s playing host to Mr Trump and Mr Kim.

The summit kicked off on Wednesday when the leaders held a quick one-on-one chat, followed by dinner.

South Korea’s watching keenly

South Korea feels like it has the most to gain from peace on the Korean peninsula – and the most to lose if this all falls apart. So South Koreans will be watching today’s events closely.

The South Korean news agency says President Moon Jae-in, who has met Mr Kim several times now, is going to make an announcement about advancing the inter-Korean relationship on Friday.

Both the US and North Korean leaders have now stepped behind closed doors again, more as it develops over the next few hours.


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