A British Vote for a very British Future

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The Future is NOT bright – it is BREXIT


MPs are preparing themselves for a historic vote on the future of the country and the EU with EU parliament, all be it unofficially, suggesting it’s not too late to reverse the decision.

The Future of the country, Brexit, is back on a campaign footing and the bitter divisions of the 2016 referendum have re-surfaced.

Second referendum campaigners are setting up stalls at Christmas markets nationwide, while hardline Brexiteers are pushing their message of a clean break on tours of Britain.

“It really does feel like 2016 all over again,” said Politico’s Jack Blanchard, reacting to the daily news diet of dire economic forecasts and heated political debates.

The Government and pr- Brexiteers are trying to divert the attention and play down the impact of this vote, as the government has argued that most people simply want Brexit to happen and for the country to move on.

Different sides in the debate are urging people to put pressure on their MPs ahead of the December 11 vote, hoping their vision of Britain’s future will win the day.

Polls indicate that some Britons — a minority — do support Prime Minister Theresa May’s compromise deal with Brussels, hoping to put an end to a tortuous debate.

But hardliners instead want a cleaner break to escape the “tentacles” of Europe once and for all, while moderates are campaigning for a deal that binds Britain closer to Europe.

Despite May’s repeated denials, another group of Britons is hoping that the confusion created if and when MPs reject May´s deal will ultimately lead to a second referendum.

With the government constantly on the brink of collapse, the risk of a no-deal Brexit looming and the prospect of a second referendum in the air, many Britons would agree.

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1 Comment

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