Imran Khan personal battle with Nawaz Sharif heats up as Sharif strikes back

PM-Imran Khan taking the fight to Nawaz Sharif

There’s a simmering resentment building to the great cricketer, slowly creeping into the communities, and soon the masses will become fed-up of his personal vendetta against the Sharif family.


Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Wednesday raised questions over a Dubai property owned by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister, Aleema Khan, and demanded the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to probe into her sources for purchasing the property.

In his informal conversation with journalists during his appearance before an accountability court, the former premier said the NAB does hold investigations against members of his party, adding that the anti-corruption watchdog should also find out how the prime minister’s sister purchased the property.

This month, Aleema Khan deposited half the total cost of her previously undeclared Dubai property with tax authorities as a penalty.

The said luxurious flat was located in the heart of Dubai, adjacent to Burj Khalifa, the most expensive area in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), added the officials.

“Where did Aleema Khan get property worth billions in Dubai,” Nawaz questioned, adding that Aleema Khan does not even have any sources of income.

Imran Khan’s personal crusade against the dynasties of power in Pakistan has seemed like a personal vendetta against the Sharif family.

In July the former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif was found guilty of corruption and sentenced to 10 years in prison, all but ending his political career and throwing his leaderless party into chaos less than three weeks before national elections.

Sharif’s daughter was also targetted by Imran Khan’s campaign and Maryam Nawaz was also found guilty in the same case, connected to illicit financing of family real estate properties overseas, and given a seven-year term.

Last month, he also led the calls for investigations into Shahbaz Sharif, in what has been called an attempt to sever the heads of his potential adversaries. In his quest for total domination of Pakistani Politics.

The main challenger to Imran Khan is Muslim League, and the former cricket star can’t afford Muslim League-N’s revival, it is the only party that, despite all the allegations has a power base that can challenge his reign.

The industrial and development initiatives of Nawas sharifs reign are here for all to see,  and to some degree, Imran is riding on the coat-tails of Sharif’s economic strength. Stability in the electrical supply a major development in Pakistan, major improvements in the transportation and logistics of the country and his Metro buses which have transformed inner-city travel are being enjoyed by the masses.

As well the historic CPEC development brokered with China is providing a much-needed impetus to the very traditional property market. Something Imran is struggling to come to terms with on how to manage the economy; the value of the rupee has fallen significantly since he came into power and worryingly hasn’t recovered, inflation has gone up by 7%, which for a third world country has made many essential everyday items unaffordable.

Perhaps, the most significant development is the fact that Imran has been branded as ‘Mr U-Turn’ directly attacking his integrity, without which his entire campaign and crusade against corruption would seem false.

He can’t continue to cover the cracks and inexperience as a political leader by hailing victories against corruption, he must do something to revive the economy and begging other world leaders and expats for money will soon lose the novelty.

There’s a simmering resentment building to the great cricketer, slowly creeping into the communities, and soon the masses will become fed-up of his personal vendetta against the Sharif family. As every Pakistani knows that perhaps the most corrupt leader Asif Zardari, aka Mr 10%, is free to walk the streets.

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