Are you a fan of the colour Green? From Purificacion Garcia

Purificacion Garcia – The ‘Green’ winter collection


At last, the fresh colours are here. Witness strong returns to the fashion stage this fall-winter season.

Purificacion Garcia: thirty-five years of Spanish design. The iconic Spanish designer, Purificacion Garcia, talks us through her artistic journey. Purificacion Garcia was born in the province of Orense in Spain … She worked for a fabric company and started as an apprentice, designing clothes as a hobby.


Purificacion Garcia

Are you a fan of the colour Green? The fresh colours are back in fashion this fall. Move away from the boring dark shades of black & grey which were in fashion in all the previous years. Here are shots from Purificacion Garcia.

The name has become, in recent years, one of the most important in the design and prêt à porter industry, for men and women.

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Are you a fan of the colour Green? From Purificacion Garcia
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