Roll up, roll up for Spanish black comedy

Roll up, roll up for Spanish black comedy

It seems stupidity knows no bounds in Spain’s public prosecution service as a decision has been taken to charge former Catalan police chief Josep Lluís Trapero with rebellion, according to the La Razón newspaper this week.

The charges against Trapero will match the charges Supreme Court prosecutors are going ahead with against the main pro-independence activists and politicians in the trial to start at the end of 2018 or in early 2019.

Apparently, the then-National Audience court judge Carmen Lamela had investigated Trapero on two charges of sedition for the events of 20th and 21st September 2017 outside the Catalan economy ministry and one charge of a criminal organisation for his role during the 1st October referendum.

In both cases, the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan police) are accused of having been too passive. The 20th and 21st September saw Spanish police officers searching the ministry trapped inside by a large crowd that gathered outside in protest.

The same charge could also be brought against other senior Mossos officers. Their former director, Pere Soler, and interior ministry official César Puig were both investigated on a charge of sedition. Superintendent Teresa Laplana was also investigated for sedition for the events in front of the Catalan economy ministry last September.

The truth is Spain’s public prosecution service has landed itself in a deep hole as it tries to appease Madrid. Can someone remove the shovel from the hands of the prosecutor who is continuing to dig that hole … it’s only getting deeper and turning the judiciary into a laughing stock.

I expect some impresario will be selling tickets soon for what should prove to be the most entertaining and hilarious trial in Spain’s history. However, this black comedy has a tragic side too … innocent men and women have been locked up for many months on these trumped up charges.

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