Trump; Support us or there will be violence – Nov US midterms

Cambridge Analytica CEO: I met Trump 'many times' & won him the US election

The politics of ‘fear mongering is back’ #Republicans must win the #midterms or Trump may face impeachment #Russia -Probe.

Trump is fighting on many fronts – externally with the rest of the world, with ex employees and the issue of payments to a porn star.

The Democrats, are buoyed by these issues and are providing an energetic opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency, believing they can win control of one or both houses.

The midterm elections will take place later this year. As they do every two years Americans will vote in elections for both houses of Congress. The Republicans enjoy majorities in both chambers and a president who is usually sympathetic to their agenda, but the current Congress has been long on drama, with some unexpectedly tight votes.

The Democrats (and their independent allies) need just two more seats to win a majority in the Senate come November, and 25 seats to win control of the House. Yet though the Democrats might seem closer to winning the Senate, they are in truth on shakier ground there.

Trump is working hard for the republican cause, and despite their fractious relations, he  will need them to maintain that support if he hopes to help Republicans stay in power on Capitol Hill or win re-election himself in 2020.

Even if Republicans keep control of the House they are likely to lose seats, and a smaller majority will make laws harder to pass.

Democrats, with control of either chamber, could conduct formal investigations of Mr Trump and his administration over his business dealings or alleged co-ordination with Russia.

Though Mr Trump himself will not be on the ballot, these elections will define the next phase of his presidency.

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