Donald Trumps daughter in law Vanessa Trump

Trump’s Daughter-in-law Taken to Hospital Following Suspicious Mail

Trumps daughter in law taken to hospital after a scare with a white powder received in the mail.


US President Donald Trump´s daughter-in-law Vanessa was taken to a New York hospital Monday as a precaution after a “suspicious package” containing unidentified powder was mailed to the family home.

Trump was furious when he heard the news about his daughter in law scare and is especially protective and sensitive over his family and politics.

Donald Trump Jr, an outspoken defender of his father and who was the intended recipient of the letter, called the incident “truly disgusting.”

The Secret Service said it was investigating the “suspicious package addressed to one of our protectees received today in New York.”

Vanessa Trump, was taken to New York Medical Center strictly as a precaution, saying there was no indication that anyone suffered any injuries and no sign that the substance was dangerous.

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Trump’s Daughter-in-law Taken to Hospital Following Suspicious Mail
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