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Israel approves new settlements in the West Bank

Israel approves 1200 new settlements in the West Bank.

Israeli authorities have approved more than 1,100 new settlement homes in the occupied West Bank, the Peace Now NGO said on Thursday.

The approvals were given on Wednesday by a Defense Ministry committee with responsibility for settlement construction, for new housing.

Some 352 of the homes received final approval, while the others are at an earlier stage of the process of development, according to Hagit Ofran of Peace Now, which monitors settlement building.

The Higher Planning Council meets several times a year to study and approve settlement construction projects.

A total of 1,122 housing units were advanced, including seven existing homes that were given retroactive approval.

Each year the Israeli authorities approve new settlements. In the start 2017 the Israeli authorities approved over 3000 homes in the occupied West Bank.

Israel is also building on the momentum it has gained by advancing its claim and recognising Jerusalem as it’s capital. And further solidifying the position by passing a law late on Tuesday night which makes it almost impossible for Jerusalem to become part of any new Two-state negotiations with the Palestinians.

Buoyed on by the support the United States has offered, by announcing the move to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem; the Israeli authorities are moving forward with plans to take control of all the major sites in the Palestinian territories.

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