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The Week So Far – Part Deux – Raging Questions for Black Friday

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News Briefing : The Week So Far – Part Two


Raging questions for Black Friday

I am so angry I can barely type these words but on Friday, the most important day of the week for followers of the Faith of Islam, a mosque was attacked killing 235 worshipers in Egypt.

This terror strike was horrific – it wasn’t targeted at an army, a government, a dictator or a tyrant … the victims are all worshipers who came together as brothers and sisters in Islam along with their children. This vile, cowardly strike defies all logic. What was the purpose of such an atrocity? Can anyone tell me?

We know that the Daesh Caliphate is crumbling after massive gains against the so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq but what has that got to do with Friday’s abomination? It was carried out by the Islamic State – Sinai Province, according to the Associated Press.

Can any one please tell me why?

My second question is for British Prime Minister Theresa May who managed to find a staggering £1.5 billion to buy the votes of 10 DUP MPs to prop up her fragile, unstable government after her disastrous decision to call a snap General Election.

On Friday the good people of Manchester were told May’s government would not pay the full £17 million needed to cover the city’s Arena bomb costs for policing, health and council services.

May has said the UK Government will pay just £12 million towards the overall costs of the bombing in which 22 lives were lost and 512 injured.

How can this Tory government justify such a decision? Why did it lead the city council to believe that all costs would be covered?

Can anyone please tell me why?

Spielman’s White Saviour Complex

Amira Bdaiwa from London has a message for Spielman who caused a storm when she ruled that school inspectors in England should question Muslim primary school girls about their dress if they are wearing a hijab or similar headscarf.

Little Amira is wise beyond her years and gives Spielman a lesson in common sense and she would be wise to take notice of this young hijabi.

I too, have a message for Miss Spielman. While the English education system is in meltdown this non-issue apparently has the focus of Spielman who believes the wearing of a hijab “could be interpreted as sexualisation” of girls as young as four or five, when most Islamic teaching requires headdress for girls only at the onset of puberty.

What are you doing about the increasing obsession with body imaging, bullying and self harm which is leading to cripplingly low self esteem among our schoolchildren, many of whom suffer from eating disorders.

This is the 21st century Amanda and I’m deeply concerned you’re confused over the colonial status of 21st century England. Save your ‘white saviour’ complex for elsewhere. If I were doing an annual report on you dear, I’d have to say: “Could do better, much room for improvement.”


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