Ryan Air Cancels More flights – It is as we suspected; They are in serious trouble

Ryan Air has cancelled more flights – The low budget airline is in trouble!

Ryanair will cancel another 18,000 flights between November and March, affecting the travel plans of another half a million passengers.

It will fly 25 fewer planes to cut the risk of further flight cancellations. Some 34 routes will be suspended this winter, including Stansted to Edinburgh and Glasgow, Gatwick to Belfast and Newcastle to Faro.

Earlier this month the Irish airline cancelled up to 50 flights a day through to the end of October.

Those passengers affected by the move will be offered alternative flights or full refunds.

They will also be offered vouchers of 40 euro (£35) one way or 80 euros return towards on alternative flights on top of any refund.

Ryanair said passengers affected by the cancellations up to the end of next month have been sent emails advising them of the flight changes.

This comes after Ryanair was forced to cancel 1,616 flights between 19 September to 28 October after “messing up in the planning of pilot holidays”. Some experts see this as a cover up for more serious internal issues at Ryan Air.

The airline listed all flight cancellations on its website, with some of the worst affected routes being London Stansted to Rome, Berlin, Warsaw, Sofia and Oslo.

Ryan air made a statement aimed at settling speculation within the industry that more than 2,500 pilots are on a waiting list and that it had offered jobs to over 650 new pilots who would be employed by May next year.

Additionally, They also announced that it was dropping its bid to buy Air Italia in order to “eliminate all management distractions”.

In total 34 routes across Europe will be suspended during the winter months.

The airline also said the total cost of the flight cancellations to date was less 25m euros (£22m) and expected the cost of the free flight vouchers would be less than £22m.

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