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Live Video: Huge Blaze near Middleton on M62 brings traffic to a standstill

Watch the live video as explosions can be seen in this video on the M62.

The M62 in Rochdale has been shut in both directions after a mobile crane caught fire on the carriageway. You can hear explosions form the motorway and can be seen in this video.

It happened on the westbound carriageway near Junction 21 for Milnrow just before 9pm this evening. Traffic has been on standstill for a few hours backing up for miles on both sides.

Eye witness reported hearing explosions, which the North West Motorway Police believe are connected to the incident. A mobile crane has caught fire on the main carriageway between the slips at Junction 21.

Emergency services are on the scene and managing the fire whilst the police are trying to divert some traffic further back on the M62.

More as it breaks




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