TWO Day: 21/09/2017: The Local Weather Forecast Manchester & the North West

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Weather Forecast for the North West of England

The Weather update is a provided daily by the WTX Team. Simplified, informative and to quick. This update covers the North West of England and Manchester.

The UK’s National Weather Summary

Rain in the west moving east later.

Thursday Morning starts with wind and rain in Scotland and western England will move eastwards, leaving brighter weather behind it by late afternoon. East of England will be dry and bright all morning but become cloudier later. Northern Ireland will have sunshine and showers.

Local Weather forecast for Manchester and North West


Today will start off wet, with rain in patches and a cold breeze until the afternoon. When the wind and heavier bursts of rain will start. Winds will soon ease, and the rain will clear from the west leaving some areas to experience some sunshine in the afternoon.


The evening should start brightly with light winds and a dry, clear and rather cold night will follow. A few mist and fog patches can be expected.

This is a quick round up of today’s weather forecast for the North West of England. Watch it on your way to work or just before you head out for a morning of errands. helps you prepare your day. Weather in the UK.

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