Business Briefing: Monday 04-09-2017 Financial Market & Forex News

British Airways grounded fleet over the Bank holiday weekend

Monday 4th September 2017 – The Day Millions of Muslims are performing Hajj in Mecca – Today’s Daily Business Briefing: Updating you from the Markets – Euro, Dollar, Gold Bitcoin, FTSE, DOW, POUND


 Monday 4th September Business & Commercial update: including Forex movements, Gold, Bitcoin, Sterling, Dollar and FTSE 100

Check out how the Markets are performing in our quick round up of financials that matter to you. Start your day with all the information that you need. All part of your business Briefing – All Part of your Daily Updates by WTX News

Daily Business Briefing: Catch up on what the markets are doing the gold rates and the Volatile Forex markets. 

Commodities Update – The Latest from the Financial Markets FTSE & DOW

Keep a track of the latest movements on all the important commodities form around the globe.

Get briefed on all the important news, stay updated and get like a BOSS in less than 1 minute By WTX BUSINESS TEAM.

Forex – Today’s Exchange Rates & Latest Prices on Cryptocurrencies

Get the latest information from the financial markets. Including the latest value on the Dollar, Pound, Euro, Pak Rupee, UAE Dirham, Indian Rupee. This section also includes all the latest information the cryptocurrencies.

Your daily Business Briefing  of all the relevant news and updates in the Business world, sourced & referenced, regarding today’s market updates, currency updates,Stocks and share movement on a Global scale.





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