UK Weather

Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th August Daily Weather Forecast for the North West

Wednesday 16th August & Thursday 17th August Daily weather update for the North West of England Including Manchester - Quick 30 Second update! All part of your Daily Brief

Weather Forecast for the North West of England

The Weather update is a provided daily by the WTX Team. Simplified, informative and to quick. This update covers the North West of England and Manchester.

Forecast Summary

  • Today

    It will be a dry and bright start, with sunny spells. However, cloud will increase from the west to bring outbreaks of rain during the afternoon, accompanied by freshening winds. Rain, will be heavy at times and will spread east during the evening.

  • Tonight

    Tonight will be Cloudy with rain, heavy rain at times, will erratically clear east tonight. Clear spells and showers will follow on behind by dawn. Winds will be easing as the evening goes on.

This is a quick round up of today’s weather forecast for the North West of England. Watch it on your way to work or just before you head out for a morning of errands. helps you prepare your day. Weather in the UK.

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