Monday 14th August Daily Weather Forecast for the North West

Weather Update forecast for Manchester & the North West of England

Weather Forecast for the North West of England

The Weather update is a provided daily by the WTX Team. Simplified, informative and to quick. This update covers the North West of England and Manchester.

Forecast Summary


  • It will be grey, wet and breezy through much of the day, with outbreaks of rain at times. There are likely to be a few drier spells too though, particularly around the middle of the day.


  • The cloud will thicken again this evening, with some heavy bursts of rain into the night. This is likely to have cleared most places by the morning tomorrow.

This is a quick round up of today’s weather forecast for the North West of England. Watch it on your way to work or just before you head out for a morning of errands. helps you prepare your day. Weather in the UK.

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