Coops Law shut down by the SRA

Coops law shut down by SRA

Bolton-based Coops Law, the successor practice to the controversial Ason’s Law, has been shut down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

The regulator has intervened into the practice of Coops Law to protect the interest of the firm’s clients.

In a notice, the SRA said its adjudication panel was satisfied that there was also reason to suspect dishonesty on the part of Irfan Khan Akram in connection with Coops Law’s business.

The panel was also satisfied that Coops Law had not complied with the terms of its licence.

Coops Law took on the work of Ason’s Law in March when the firm co-founded by brothers Imran and Kamran Akram in 2008 abruptly ceased trading.

The SRA subsequently intervened against Asons Solicitors and co-founder Kamran Akram. Ason’s hit the headlines in 2016 over a secret £300,000 grant provided by Bolton Council to support the law firm’s refurbishment of its new office. That loan has now been repaid.

An intervention means the SRA has closed a firm with immediate effect. It will stop the firm from operating, take possession of all documents and papers held by the firm, and take possession of all money held. It is not responsible towards employees or trade creditors of firms that it has intervened in.

An intervention is a protective measure and does not necessarily mean that the SRA has made any findings against a regulated firm or individuals. Stephensons Solicitors has been appointed as the intervening agent.

Ason’s employed around 300 staff at one time, Coops law staff, the majority of whom moved across to the new firm from Ason’s are currently seeking new employment opportunities.


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