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Election Day – check out the latest news from our social political monitor

Election 2017 latest trends and social polls

Voters have until 22:00 BST to choose their MPs and decide who forms the next government. A lot of social media activity this morning, with voters posting their pictures at voting stations and whatsaapp messages that are encouraging people to vote. Over 46 million people are registered to vote in the U.K. And this morning we have already had over 44 million social impressions, with pictures on Instagram, tweets and Facebook posts.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn greeted reporters as he arrived at Pakeman Primary School in Holloway, north London, to cast his vote on Thursday morning. He smiled, waved and spoke to voters. Emerging from the polling station he told the gathered press outside: Thank you very much, all of you, for coming here today. It’s a day of our democracy. I’ve just voted. I’m very proud of our campaign. Thank you very much.”

The key trending hashtags today:





Keep following our updates for more information about the election 2017. 


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