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Daily Briefing: Election 2017 voting, North Korea & Syria

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General Election 2017 – MP’s voting begins

MPs have voted and passed the notion of calling for an early general election. This is following the shocking announcement on Tuesday, that the PM is calling for a general Election. In order for this to pass, MP’s must pass this notion with a two-thirds majority.

Theresa May may be the least forthcoming prime minister and has confirmed that she will not be partaking in the live TV debate. In an interview earlier today she refused to admit that she was holding an election now because that would make it easier for her to compromise during the Brexit talks.

General election 2017. The Guardian

‘Risky bet or masterstroke?’ World media on UK election. BBC News

Syria evacuations resume after deadly bomb attack

With all the madness that is happening at Westminster, the Snap election, It is easy to get distracted from the more saddening world news. The evacuations from two pro-government villages and two opposition-held towns was disrupted by a bombing on Saturday that killed more than 120 people. The process has resumed with 3,000 people leaving Foua and Kefraya at dawn and nearly 300 leaving Zabadani and two other rebel-held areas. a total of 8,000 people should have left Foua and Kefraya, including pro-government fighters as well as civilians.

Syria evacuations resume after deadly bomb attack. Al Jazeera

China says it is seriously concerned about North Korean nuclear development

The tension between North Korea-US is growing. There has been heated rhetoric from both sides in recent days. US Vice-President Mike Pence, who has been visiting the region, warned North Korea not to test Washington and said the US “era of strategic patience” with Pyongyang was over.

The North held a show of military might in a parade over the weekend and tested another missile on Sunday. China has expressed serious concerns over the recent trends about North Korea’s nuclear missile development.

North Korea tension: China ‘seriously concerned’ about nuclear threats. BBC

North Korea and mounting tensions: The view from Seoul. Al Jazeera

Macron faces uncertain first round as French election

As polls narrow and a third of the electorate remains undecided, the presidential race has become increasingly unpredictable. The independent, who styles himself as a pro-Europe Progressive, is running in his first election, had been seen as a front-runner but faces a gruelling final few days before the first-round presidential vote this Sunday.

Macron is not alone in facing an uncertain first round vote on this Sunday. Four candidates sit within the polls’ margin of error and the abstention rate could be higher than usual. There is no certainty about which two candidates will make it to the final round.

Macron faces uncertain first round as French election hopefuls vie for last votes. The Guardian

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