Trump is banning Muslims from 7 countries

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Never before in our country’s history have we purposely – as a matter of policy – imposed a ban on immigrants or refugees on the basis of religion. This ban would stop all admissions of refugees for 120 days, including those fleeing Syria’s civil war, and a 30-day halt to issuing  visas to people from the countries on the list below.

Reuters reported that the orders could include a temporary ban on most refugees and a block on any visas at all being issued for people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Blocking visas for citizens of Middle Eastern and African countries deemed by the Trump administration to be particularly prone to terrorism.

Legal arguments could claim the executive orders discriminate against a particular religion, which would be unconstitutional.

the National Iranian American Council, a Washington-based nonprofit organisation, said in a statement. “He called for a Muslim ban and is now taking the first steps to implement one. This will not stand. The American people are better than this.”

An exception is likely to be kept for those fleeing religious persecution if their religion is a minority in their country. That exception could cover Christians fleeing Muslim-majority nations. Such measures may be implemented later in the week.

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