Countries are queuing up to sign trade deals with the U.K.  

According to Boris Johnson we have queues forming for countries to sign trade deals with UK, following brexit. It makes sense for countries to get their trade deals in and improve or better the terms they have with EU. Naturally, those  who get in early will probably get a chance to get the best deals. 

Under EU rules, the U.K is not formally allowed to negotiate these new treaties until we have left. In the meantime,that won’t stop Britain drawing up some plans. Can we expect Black Friday sales queues? 

An alternative thought is, countries will use these meetings to squeeze better deals for themselves because of the isolation and aftermath of Brexit. This could be plausible unless the UK can secure some heavyweight deals early on, in order to keep the vultures away. One of those heavyweights must be China and the other the United States. 

Brexit: Boris Johnson says countries ‘queuing up’ for trade deals. BBC

May can think big all she likes. Britain’s about to find out just how small it is. The Guardian 

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