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Flash Sterling crash caused by automated market

Flash Sterling crash caused by automated market

Since Brexit the pound has taken a hammering, a 9% loss in October followed by regular systematic drops linked to announcements & Press conferences by the PM & International banks. On the other-hand FTSE 100 is ending the week in record-breaking fashion and on course to extend its winning run to 14 consecutive sessions.

The markets, its seems are living day to day, very little certainty that we have normally been accustomed to. So what are the factors governing this volatility? Obvious answer is Brexit, perhaps, but it seems a little more complicated than that. have look through some of our top picks from this weeks for some opinion and analysis.

No single factor behind sterling flash crash, BIS says. BBC Business

Pound’s flash crash ‘was amplified by inexperienced traders’. The Guardian

Pound sterling hits a new 31-year low against the dollar. The Independent


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